47 year old seeks fit 20 year old

I’m over 40 and the belly isn’t going anywhere. Seems it has gotten quite attached to me over the years and refuses to go without a fight.

I spent my twenties shredded before shredded was even a thing. I had it all, a fantastic physique with a set of six-pack Abs to die for.

Then as my bank balance increased so did my waist line. It seemed that the more success I had the more I grew. My thirties were a decade of being overweight. The beer belly was forming and I was morphing into my Dad.

I tried to get rid of it on so many occasions and failed every time. I had some success and it nearly went a few times. However I always blew it at the final hurdle. It’s been like that ever since.

For the record this isn’t a story of me chasing fit 20-year-old girls, This is a story of me getting my fit 20-year-old body back. 

And I’m all in. I want it gone. I’m writing this to keep myself motivated. I figure if I dedicate myself to posting online what I’m doing then I’ll do more. If I can gain some feedback and support from anyone who may read this then I’ll be motivated to continue and If I can inspire someone else to do the same then that’s the icing on the cake! Well maybe not cake anymore. I’ve heard somewhere that those things work in cahoots with the Beer to increase the belly.

I’m nervous about doing this. I’m a private person by nature and I don’t like sharing things online. I only recently signed to Facebook because I needed it for work and I hate it. Only this morning I upset the girlfriends mother by posting a picture of my girlfriend asleep in a pub. with the heading –

‘I’m such a good date girls can’t wait to sleep with me’

I thought it was pretty funny at the time (2 bottles of wine in) and so did a few of my friends. But the future mother-in-law didn’t and I had to take it down.

I guess it’s a lesson that I will not please everyone all of the time and some people will like what I write and some won’t. I’ll just have to deal with it.

So from now on I’m going to be tougher. I’ll write what I think and see what happens. No more deleted posts!

I may even have the courage to post some pics or videos one day.
But for now it will be my thoughts, my successes and my failures.

My aim is to get back what I had. in my twenties. I know I won’t ever look in the mirror and see a fresh-faced boy with no wrinkles but I know that with the right frame of mind and dedication I will one day look in the mirror and see the best version of me.
I say best version because I have now what I never had back then. I have wisdom. I know more about life.

I have the gift of experience. So when I get my twenty something body back I’ll actually be in a much better position in life.

I’ve failed a lot in my life and I’ll continue to fail. But I’ve learnt that failure is a good thing. It teaches you. When I was twenty I was so scared to do anything because I might fail I gave up on my dreams and I wasted all the energy and talent that I had.

Nowadays I’m not scared anymore. Of course I don’t want to fail. I’m writing this to give myself a great chance of winning.

And when I win I’ll be happy. I’ll have the look I want, the energy I need and the life experience to finally ‘Live the dream’

Because that’s what we all want isn’t it? to live the dream?

Problem is I’m not 100% sure what my dream is? I’ve never worked that out. I thought I knew but one divorce down, a lost house and only seeing my daughter every other weekend that dream didn’t end the way it should have.

Which is why I’m here. to get back to where I once was and start dreaming again. Start working on myself and working out what my new dream is.

This is going to be my story and it’s begun. I’m in a good place to make this happen. I have a lovely new girlfriend and we have set up home together. She has a lovely little girl of her own and I’m adjusting well to living and loving them both.
My daughter comes to visit us regularly and gets on well with them both so in general life is good.

So as I start to lose the Beer Belly I’ll share my life experiences. I’ll share what I do on a daily basis with training and nutrition.

I’ll share the feelings and thoughts of a 40 something year old man living with and loving a much younger girlfriend, how I cope bringing up 2 young girls one of which I’m not the biological father.
How I juggle trying to get fit whilst running a business and anything else men over 40 in my situation may find useful.

So feel free to drop me a line to say Hi. I’m off to Greece tomorrow so will be packing soon. Going to do a spin class tonight to burn some of last nights wine off.
I’m nowhere near beach ready but every little helps.

I’ll try to post a bit while I’m away. I intend to be good on holiday, not over eat and drink too much but I make no promises.

All the best


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