Shock horror: All inclusive holidays are not good for weight loss.

Being in Greece on an all inclusive holiday is a bit of an eye opener.

I was hoping to be inspired by seeing lots of fit guys looking good at the beach and by the pool.

I’d hoped to be inspired to come home and have images in my head of how I want to look next year.
But the reality is I’ve been really disappointed.

It seems the whole place is consumed by greed.

Eat and drink as much as you like!

And people do. They can’t stop. The food and drink is so important because they want to get their money worth.

The enjoyment is secondary. The effect of the food on the body isn’t considered.
Just put as much in as humanly possible.

I can’t understand it. Yes I’ve indulged but I’m conscious of how much and what to eat.
My main failure is the alcohol.
I’m thinking this is probably my weekness, both here and at home.

I think this holiday had taught me that I can make good food choices but with the wine and beer I destroy my chances.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it but when I’m home I going to challange myself to change my drinking habits.

So while I away I’ll be working on

1. Training plan
2. Eating plan
3. Changing habits relating to my alcohol intake.

Ill work out what I going to do and publish my plans. Then I’ll update my progress.

This Beer Belly is on its way out!

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