Breaking the wine habit with kombucha

In my battle to beat the bulge I am limiting my alcohol intake to a minimum. I need to cut back drastically if I want to lose this beer belly!!
I am not a fizzy drinker except for the odd energy drink but I do like the Vino a bit to much.

I had noticed when I drank beer I became very bloated so I switched to wine. The wine doesn’t bloat me and I like it, I like it a lot. However it makes me sluggish and destroys my will power to stay away from unhealthy treats.
I don’t sleep as well when I drink and I snatch at food the next day as I’m tired and crave sugary foods.

The problem I have with wine is it goes down so easy. I got into the habit of opening a bottle and having a drink whilst working late into the night or watching a movie at home.

A terrible cycle that I need to break now!

So I need to break the habit and I have the perfect way – Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented Tea and although not that well known it’s been around for more than 2000 years.

Kombucha is typically classified a ‘Functional beverage’ or a non alcoholic beverage with health benefits.

Benefits such as

1. Detoxification – Kombucha is believed to enhance a natural detoxification of the body due to the mass of enzymes and bacterial acids.
2. Cancer prevention – The live microorganisms found in some Kombuchas can reinforce natural defenses to some forms of cancer.
3. Cholesterol reduction – Research has suggested that Kombucha can aid in lowering levels of LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL (good cholesterol)
4. Weight loss – Kombucha, like apple cider vinegar is thought to increase metabolism when consumed before meals

As I am trying to follow the Bullet proof diet Kombucha sits relatively well as a moderate beverage to consume. For me it is a great way to break the wine habit as I drink it in a wine glass and topped up with natural spring water.

This was it goes a bit further and helps me stay hydrated. It tastes good and gives me the feeling of drinking a wine without the negative effects of the alcohol.
also at £2.99 for 400ml adding a little water makes my money stretch a bit further as well.

This really is a top tip to break the wine cycle. It tastes great and has a slight fizz to it. It doesn’t bloat me and helps with my digestion problems. I actually feel like I’m drinking wine and even better I feel great drinking it.

So for now on it’s Kombucha all the way and wine no more!

But wait…….

Just remembered my Girlfriends mum is visiting from Poland so we have a babysitter tonight therefore as we have a rare date night. So I’ll be a little naughty tonight and let the wine flow a bit.

Would be rude not to. I’m only human and I can make up for it tomorrow at the gym!!


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