Start of my Bulletproof diet journey

Reading the Bulletproof diet it claims that within 2 weeks I’ll improve my life by making better choices. If I follow the diet I’ll lose up to a pound a day.

”The Bullet proof diet is a roadmap to losing weight fast and feeling fantastic”

I’ll be upgrading my body and mind from the inside out. ‘Sounds great doesn’t it’
This will be my journey into seeing if this stuff really does work and documenting what I do and eat on a daily basis.

Getting rid of the brain fog

I’ve suffered with brain fog for so long it almost seems the norm. I miss my razor sharp mind and I want it back just as much as the Abs.  My mental health has always been good, however I’ve struggled to concentrate and focus on anything for a while now. Tiredness always creeps in and takes over.
I have ideas and they fade away before I complete them and tasks never seem to get finished to the standard I want.

So I’m excited to learn that the Bulletproof diet seems to be a way to re-energize my mind and help me focus.

The foods I’m going to learn and write about will fuel my brain and help with something called ‘inflammation’

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to pathogen, toxin, stress or trauma.
When something stresses the body, it responds by swelling up in an effort to heal itself.
High levels of inflammation are the centre of many diseases. It can sap your focus because the brain is sensitive to inflamation anywhere in the body.

I definitely experience this in my life, I’m constantly bloated and the brain fog is a result of this.
I need to sort this ASAP as according to the author this is a sign of serious health problems in the future.

Cause of inflammation

Basically a bad diet with the wrong kinds of food will trick your body into thinking it’s injured. When this happens the body responds by becoming inflamed in an effort to heal.
Worse than that the body allows undigested food particles and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. These antinutients continually damage the gut.

The plan is to stop this cycle and rid myself of the antinutrients.

This in return will help clear the brain fog and get me back on track.

The trick is to reduce my immune response by eating fewer foods with antinutrients and avoiding entirely the foods that trigger my immune system.

As I continue to learn and start this journey I will add content that I find useful and update you on my progress.

I’ll go through the book on a daily basis and see what works for me.

Eventually I’ll post some pictures and some stats. If you would like to join me and contribute I’d love to hear from you.

I’m not in this to sell anything or advertise any products I just want to use this page to motivate myself and others.

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