Day one training and eating log

Yesterday was the start of a new training regime. I’m a frequent gym goer and not in bad shape. The problem for me isn’t the dedication to the gym and exercise it’s the eating and alcohol intake.

I hold a fair bit of muscle mass however it is hidden by an unwanted layer of fat and my beer belly protrudes enough to make me feel uncomfortable and give me an odd looking shape.

So the aim for me is to shrink the waist line and increase the shoulder size. These are the two areas I will focus on to give me that nice V-shape.

With this in mind I focussed on my shoulders and stomach.

My routine was –

  1. Bent over lateral raise
  2. Cable one arm lateral raises
  3. Seated Dumbell press
  4. Cable face pulls
  5. Seated lateral raises
  6. Plate front raise
  7. Leg raises
  8. Side leg raises
  9. Plank


I did 3 sets of each exercise. I pushed hard and didn’t rest too much between sets. I felt pumped after and tired but pleased I got it all done.

My eating was pretty good to. As I have not finished reading the Bulletproof diet book I’m not following exactly the plan however I am fasting in the mornings and eating healthy options with smaller portions.

I did have wine in the evening as I had a babysitter and a rare date night but I didn’t go mad or lose to temptation of unhealthy snacks.

my food log was –

8am – Coffee with grass-fed organic butter and Bulletproof MCT oil

12.30 Black Coffee

1pm Handful of Chocolate coated Cashew nuts

2pm Beetroot soup with a small salad and pork

3pm Kombucha

7pm BBQ chicken wings, salad

9pm Wine 4 glasses (Big ones)

On the whole not a bad day. At least I got off the sofa and did something. Not great having the wine but hey ho I did it and had a good time.

Today I will be better than yesterday!

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