Training and eating log – Day 2

Had to travel to London yesterday for business but stopped of at the gym to get a workout in.
Yesterday the sun was out so I decided to get the guns out and blast the biceps.

My Routine was

1. Incline dumbbell Curl
2. EZ Bar Curl
3. DB Preacher curl
4. Cable curls
5. Front leg raises
6. Side leg raises
7. plank

In the pursuit of getting my Abs back I’m just doing leg raises and plank for a while. The idea is to increase the reps every time to build up a bit of strength and stamina.
Everyday I’ll concentrate on weight training with 1-2 muscle groups and the Abs workout plan thrown in for good measure.

I’m going to attend 2 spin classes a week along with plenty of walks to keep my cardio up.

Yesterdays workout was average. I felt a bit disappointed with myself. I didn’t train to well yesterday probably due to the fact –

1. I drank alcohol the night before and I felt sluggish. I had a headache and was training on an empty stomach. I wanted to push it but didn’t have the energy. Just shows how to much wine can destroy not just the Abs but the motivation to get the Abs back. No big nights out planned for a while so no excuse to be drinking anything but healthy liquids.

2. I forgot my headphones, I noticed that when I train on my own I need to have my headphones as everyone seems to want to talk to me. I’m a chatty person by nature so unless I have a personal trainer pushing me or I’m lost in the music I tend to get into conversations between sets and lose focus.

Therefore to keep me on track the wine will be set at an absolute minimum and the headphones will stay in my gym bag.

Food diary

7am up early to leave for London – Bulletproof coffee with organic butter and MCT oil
11.30 – Almased weight control drink
12.30 Gorilla carb killer protein bar
5pm Fillet steak, sweet potato chips, lettuce, tomato. Orange juice

Water and coffee drank throughout the day. Nearly ordered a beer with my steak (out of habit) but resisted and got the OJ instead, felt quite proud of myself!! Small steps like this will get me to where I want to be.

Progress so far

Only 2 days into the training and eating well and I feel good. I feel hydrated again after the date night wine and I feel as if my stomach has shrunk a bit. I think this is because I don’t feel bloated with excess food and drink rather than actual weight loss.
Maybe I’ve lost some fluid weight but doubt I’ve lost much fat.

Really need to do some measurements and get some scales that track my progress.

Anyone have any good recommendations of good scales that track body fat percentages?

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