World cup Wobbles

Why oh Why did I chose to diet and lose weight just before the World cup?
I want to go to the gym but the football is on, I don’t want to drink alcohol but the football is on.

I have come to the conclusion that the world cup is going to be great for my sense of enjoyment for the beautiful game but will do absolutely no good for my beautiful body.

It’s hard not to forget the ultimate goal of getting my Abs back when I’m bombarded with so much football.

Even my writing is suffering when my focus is on who will beat who and how far England will progress.

Even as I type this I have one eye on the Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia game that is just about to start.

So for now I am conceding that my progress will slow a little. I going to be sensible and keep my alcohol intake and junk food to a minimum. For me my weight loss will be a lifetime of habit changing and management.

There will be ups and downs and as long as there are more ups then i’ll keep progressing.

The last thing I want is to be so strict and rigid with myself that I have a poor quality of life.

But for now the game has just kicked off. No beer for this one. I’ll save the pint for Iran vs Spain later tonight.

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