From Tesla to Tossed

Disaster this morning. I forgot to charge the car up last night and needed to travel to London this morning.

Luckily I had enough charge to get me to Bircher green service station where Tesla have some Superchargers.

But what to do and what to eat whilst I wait the 1.5 hour to charge the car?

Well in the old days I would have walked straight to the KFC or Burger king to grab a bloody tasty meal and maybe a milkshake. I’m not going to lie. I like this food. It tastes good.

I’m sitting here surrounded by people eating this type of food it it also smells good.

The only downside is this food has the taste and smell but not the nutritional content and it makes me feel terrible. Not only terrible in a ‘Guilty I can’t believe I ate that’ kinda way but also in a sluggish, bloated fat and greasy skin kinda way.

So today I have been good. I’ve opted for a ‘Muscle Marathon’ Protein shake from Tossed.

With 30G of protein
292 calories
14g Carbs
2g Saturated fat

Made up from Chocolate protein, Cocoa, peanut butter & Almond milk it tastes really good.

It cost £4.49 and is quite filling. Ok its not Double whopper meal filling but it will do the job until I get to my next destination and it will keep me fueled with good quality protein to build my muscles and keep me on track for getting my Abs back.

It also does something else.

It makes me feel proud that I can walk into a service station hungry and have the willpower to choose healthier options.

And because I feel proud of myself and because I do not feel sluggish I have the energy to sit here and write and make plans for the future.

I want to do things because I’m starting to feel good about myself again. I’m nowhere near where I want to be physique wise but that’s Ok.

I’m making progress…

It’s all about little steps. I will have the odd wobble here and there but if I win more than I lose I move forward.

I’m going to do this. I will get there and I will succeed.

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