Get great Abs while sitting at a laptop

I’ve forgotten how many times I promised myself to lose the beer Belly and get my abs back.

I would constantly enter a cycle of a promise to lose weight followed by enthusiasm and then disappointment because I gave up.

So many times I came close only to fall at the last hurdle.

The problem was I wasn’t accountable to anyone.

If I failed I failed. None cared, No one was let down other than me.

And that’s the whole reason why I started this blog…I wanted to make myself accountable.

I decided to start writing about how I’m going to lose the beer belly so people can read what Im doing.

Should anyone care enough to comment and follow then I’d be accountable to those people.

I wouldn’t want to let them down!

So now everytime someone likes my post or comments I feel good about myself.

When I feel good I do more.

And when I do more I write more and the weight loss message gets re-enforced even more in my mind.

Everytime I write a new article I feel more motivated to succeed.

So I encourage anyone looking to lose weight, get rid of the beer belly and shape up to start writing.

Even if you don’t start a blog or post online keep a journal.
Write down how you feel when you eat well opposed to eating crap.

Document progress and keep writing positive thoughts of progress.

Write down your goals and make plans to make them happen. Commit on paper dates that you will reach your goals

Keep them achievable and reward yourself when you achieve them on schedule.

If you keep your goal constantly on your mind I totally believe that you can build Abs with the help of any laptop.

Its working for me and I’m excited to start seeing this abs finally starting to come through again.

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